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2023 Season Preview

This Year's Game

Every year, thousands of FIRST Robotics Competition teams across the globe work to build a robot that adheres to the challenge provided in the yearly "game." The 2023 FRC game is called CHARGED UP. Watch the following video to get an overview of this year's game and to see what we will be building our robot to do.


During the 2022 season, we added two more awards to our repository: the Creativity Award at Hatboro-Horsham and the Autonomous Award at Bensalem. The Creativity Award recognizes the creativity that goes into enhancing play strategy through intentional design. The Autonomous Award recognizes the team with the most impressive and efficient autonomous operations. 


This year our team worked together to make "Gustavo". Some of the key features on Gustavo are:
- An always targeting shooter with infinite degrees of rotation.  
- A 3 stage elevator with 2 sets of spring-loaded hooks to allow for a 12 second hang. 
- Color discriminations to automatically eject enemy colored balls.



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