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This Year's Game

Every year, thousands of FIRST Robotics Competition teams across the globe work to build a robot that adheres to the challenge provided in the yearly "game." The 2018 FRC game is called POWER UP. Watch the following video to get an outline of the 2018 season's game and to see what our team had to achieve with our robot.

Our Robot - Roxy 

Our 2018 robot earned the name "Roxy." Roxy was a powerhouse in competition, taking us all the way to the Darwin sub-division championship at the FIRST Championship in Detroit, MI. Check out some photos to the left. 

Darwin Subdivision Finalist

​In 2018, for the first time in team history, we were Division Finalists at the FIRST World Championship in Detroit. This means that we were in the top 15% of teams worldwide. This is the farthest that the Metal Moose has advanced at the competition level during our 17 year history.


Competition Performance

  • 46-34 in official play

  • Seneca Event Finalist & Engineering Inspiration Award

  • Hatboro Horsham Event Innovation in Control Award

  • FMA District Championship Semi-Finalist

  • Darwin Subdivison Championship Finalist

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