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Who Are We? 

We are a team of thinkers. Of collaborators. Of innovators.


The Metal Moose is the robotics team of Westtown School, a Pre-K to 12th Grade Quaker school in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The Metal Moose is a member of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), an international organization that promotes involvement in science and technology for youth of all ages.

Why 1391? 

1391 is our team number: we wear it proudly on all of our apparel and it is clearly displayed on the bumpers of our robot. In short, it means that we were the 1,391st team to become a competitor in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

What Do We Even Do? 

The Metal Moose competes as part of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), which is known to be the “ultimate sport for the mind”. Along with over 9,000 other teams from across the globe, we take 6 weeks to design, build, and program a robot that adheres to a specific challenge, or a “game.” Every year, the game is released at the beginning of January, and from March to April, we compete with other teams at the local, regional, and national/global levels.


Contrary to popular belief of robotics, we are not just a bunch of engineering nerds who sit behind computers writing code, talking about mathematical algorithms and drawing out robot designs. Of course, we have a core team of designers, builders, and programmers who work tirelessly to ensure we have a functional robot that can best fulfill the challenges by the time competitions roll around. We also like to think of our team as a business, which means we have an entire group of students dedicated to fundraising, team organization and advancement, communications, and community outreach. All in all, we boast an incredibly well-rounded team that has a plethora of exceptional talent. Whatever your passion is, you will find a place on the Metal Moose to invest in that passion.


If you are interested in learning more about The Metal Moose or would like to be in touch with a current team member or our Head Coach, please email us at

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